Social VR Major Update

Just a note to members we've been listening to your feedback and suggestions and added a lot of new content and features to improve how you engage with others. This is a massive update to the site and includes a number of new features and quality of life improvements.

New Features:

  • Member Blogs
  • Member Forums (Improved)
  • Member Events (Improved)
  • Member Profile (Improved)
  • Member Market Place
  • Member Ad Manager
  • Member Pro Accounts
  • Member Boost Posts
  • Member Boost Pages
  • Page Co-Admins (Co Staff)
  • Page Custom Links
  • Page URL
  • Page Category Sorting
  • Group Co-Admins (Co Staff)
  • Group Categories
  • Post Translation (Real Time)
  • More to be annouced

Some features planned will be added in next update and I will post more information about that shortly!

Premium Accounts

Please note: that pro accounts are more based on those wanting to help support the site with a few advertising related perks, many early members have been giving verified accounts already. And thank you for your support

All users premium and free get access to the same core features for free! I will be adding more information on how our new ad manager, boosted posts & pages and premium accounts work in near future. Again all features your used to as regular members will conintue to be 100% free.

Affliate System

Members may note an affliate link in your profile settings. That system is setup as an advertising revenue share. so if you invited someone to the site and they boost a post or page or go premium you earn a bit from that.

Mobile Media & Apps (Coming Soon)

This is work in progress I have 3 mobile apps in works for IOS, Andriod & PC, as well as a Virtual App and Shared media apps based on various virtual platforms more on that soon. The website currently has been updated to be even more mobile responsive.

Post transation:

To help users make the most of the site Post Transation has been added to the site with also 8 supported user interface languages. So members never miss out on a conversation. 


we've updated our privacy policy to include changes and regulations relating to this. Further updates are in the works which will be added to the site shortly.


All members are responable for their own content and with that you can choose in your settings how that information is structured via those settings including blocking other users, reporting content not appropriate and more. 

Chat System Updated:

Our chat system and inbox for messages has been updated including layout changes.


Members asked for it and now its in! Now groups of people can manage one page unlimited number. Members can add blog url to page or web url, social media links to pages and custom links in the head of pages, aka SLURL if its a club, weburl for related business to virtual platforms and or if your a designer and you have a SL / HIFI or Sine Space or other virtual platform market place you can link it via pages custom action center. Pages can be set as public, invite only and secret.


Groups have been updated including better management, categories, urls, and co staff /admins. Groups can now be public, invite only or Secret.


More improvements to invents systems more on that soon.

Blogs & Articles:

Members can now post articles, weather its avatar styling or articles relating to virtual life experiences.


Stories have been added these are simiar to fb but last 24 hours. This is still in testing.

Boosted Pages & Posts:

Those interested in buying ad space on our network as well as boosting important posts or pages can now do so via the posts or page it's self as well as via our new premium member services. Again all core features of the site are free and there is no limit to the number of pages or groups you can create. We will monitor the site for spam also no real life adult content or age play permitted. Accounts engaging in those types of activities will be terminated.

Content Us:

If you have questions about this update feel free to contact me (Athayus Quan / Robert White) via message here or via and I'll be happy to chat with you.

Much more content and features in the works and has been added behind the scenes to improve the Social VR Life Network, member feedback and suggestions welcome. 

~Athayus Quan

Social VR Founder

PS: Some users using chrome had issues logging in, this tutorial below will fix that or should. Chrome Browser Login Fix