Social VR is an on-line virtual social life network where people can connect
and share new ideas relating to their virtual life experiences.

  • Fully Responsive

    Social VR Is fully responsive and works on a number of platforms including desktops, mobile devices, virtual reality tablets and via various shared and mixed reality platforms. Built for todays ever changing virtual landscapes!

  • Notifications & Tags

    Get notifications (red notification with counter) from other users when they: Like, Share, Comment, or @mention you. Real time chat system with options on how you get messages. #Hahtags Post #hashtags in posts, comments and chat conversations

  • Ecosystems

    No fluff. Easy to join, friendly staff and community to explore! Create your own virtual profile, invite your friends and navigate from followed member news feed to your profile. Create Pages, Groups, Events, Blogs and join in our forums.

  • Groups, Pages & Events

    Stay in touch with the group members and share stories with them. Includes Pages similar to facebook. Users can create photo ablums and upload and organize favorite images to share. Groups can be public, invite and secret!
  • Layout & Privacy

    Familiar Layout, easy to reach privacy & block settings and more. Share only the information you choose to. Opt-In and out on how email is delivered for updates. Freedom to change your username and display name any time!

  • Share & Smart Publishing

    Share Users can share any public post on Social VR. Dynamic content updates for (Music, Videos, Links) YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud that Users can share links via these media sites.